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private residence in Kea

private project 5




12 acres


3 of 220m²  each


13.000 m² 

This private house in the bay of Agios Nikolaos, in Vourkari Kea, consists of three partially underground houses with a total area of ​​680m². The houses are built in such orientation, so they have unrestricted views to the west, but also to the settlement of Vourkari.

In the surrounding area, in addition to the planting, a complex of roads – tunnels has been created, in order not to create a large footprint of the house in the natural environment, while at the same time to fully serve the owners. In the surrounding configuration also (area 13,000m²), an outdoor amphitheater has been built, taking advantage of the natural slope of the slope, fully harmonized with the natural environment, as well as a point of observation of the unique beauty of the Aegean Sea.

The house has all the elements for absolute comfort and creation of moments of relaxation.

Construction of a unique viewpoint overlooking the Aegean sea.

The unique viewpoint in relation to the house.

Unsurpassed view of the Aegean from the submerged house with the planted roof.

The complex of tunnels – roads for the service of houses.


The wonderful view of the houses in the bay of Agios Nikolaos and Vourkari.

The complex of three submerged residencies and their planted roofs from above.

Unique architectural design of submerged residencies.


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