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Kea, Cyclades on our doorstep

Kea or Tzia, is the closest island of the Cyclades in Attica and at the same time one of the largest.

The main, but also largest settlements of the island, are Korissia, the main port of the island, the amphitheatrically built Ioulida, which is the Chora (capital) of the island, but also Vourkari, a cove next to Korrisia, which gathers most of of social life in Kea, since most of the shops, restaurants and bars of the island are located there.

Kea, probably due to its location and size, was inhabited since antiquity (there are finds and settlements dating back to 3300 BC) resulting in a rich history, but also very strong cultural interest.

The island also has one of the largest networks of trails in the Cyclades, with a total length of 36 km, which allows visitors crossing parts of this network to walk in the footsteps of ancient Keans, since many of the routes were part of the ancient road network.

natural beauty

The large area of ​​Kea, results in the creation of many coves and beaches, with the visitor having a variety of options for swimming and summer relaxation.

Its area also contributes to the creation of a very intense relief and therefore to the creation of many locations with wonderful views, where one can enjoy the beautiful sea and the Aegean landscape at all times of the day, and of course the unique Aegean sunset.

the history of the island

Furthermore, Kea, due to its size, its sparse habitation, and very short distance from Athens, can combine moments of carefree, relaxation, rest and isolation, but also the wonderful social life of an island in the Cyclades, and all this at an distance of one hour from Attica, makes it an ideal holiday destination, but also a place where anyone who is once wants to definitely return.