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about us

When you think of vacations you think mainly about the wonderful moments they create. They give us relaxation, moments with our loved ones, but also the feeling that life has to do with enjoyment and carefreeness.

Especially when you combine these moments with the wonderful blue background of the Aegean and the unique relaxing Greek summer, then you have the perfect combination to give birth to amazing moments, but also memories that define your life.

These were, and still are, our main thoughts when we started building homes 30 years ago. We consider ourselves very lucky that we had the privilege to start working and developing our housing projects in one of the most beautiful and at the same time one of the closest in Athens islands, the island of Kea.

On the island of Kea we developed many projects, private homes and housing complexes, which gave us the experience and knowledge to become an integral part of the island, in terms of construction, but also a respectable construction company in the Aegean territory.


a few thoughts
about how we work

Our main process when we construct holiday homes, is the focus on:

• Custom architectural solutions (none of our homes are the same).
• Use of local materials and respect for the wonderful landscape of the Aegean when we create your architectural solution.
• Clear cost calculation and budget (there is never a change in the pre-agreed cost).
• Absolute consistency in delivery time.

Finally, through our work all these years at Blue Unique and through the homes we build, we try to create a unique canvas for you. A canvas that will be a unique, blue background for you to enjoy life.