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island hybrid architecture


The architecture that we choose at blue unique to apply on the island of Kea all these years, is not a random choice, but a choice of substance. Applying and searching at the same time the ideal aesthetically, but also absolutely useful method of design and construction, we have come up with some principles that define our island architecture, making it at the same time a hybrid form.

On the one hand, when designing, we are trying to maintain an aesthetically traditional model, obeying on architectural elements and qualities that refer to the traditional island architecture, but at the same point designing for another audience. The audience of the holiday, fully functional residence.

So, we necessarily increase the area of ​​the built-up areas of the houses, we choose materials found on the site, but we also make a study on the landscape architecture, long before the construction phase. This is very critical, and this is what ultimately makes the difference in the result.

Using local materials and almost exclusively stone, as a timeless element, but also as the only building material found everywhere in the Cyclades, we achieve a construction technically close to the traditional one. Studying the function of stone, but also its properties as a building material, in combination with other traditional materials and techniques (small openings in the walls and their replacement by elements such as pergolas, spaces bridged by beams of limited length, wide walls), we are very close aesthetically to a timeless result.

And this is a conscious choice, not only in order to have an aesthetically pleasing result, but mainly to achieve an overall aesthetic balance on the island, and of course to give an example of how modern needs, with the right study and knowledge of the subject are fully served.

For us at blue unique, working architecturally and constructively obeying the past and envisioning the future, puts us in a position where beyond our personal satisfaction for the result, every time there is a satisfaction beyond all expectations from the customer’s part. And this is a seal that we do our job well.


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